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Penyamin Manoukian, began his journey as a luxury jewelry designer at the young age of 15. He shadowed his father, a Master Jeweler in the craft of manufacturing jewelry. Penyamin was eager to learn, he quickly picked up on the trade and before long, he began to create works of his own. His imagination, driven by a commitment to artistry led him to create personalized charms, and pendants.

In late 2013, Penyamin changed the wedding band industry by creating his very popular, artistic designs of Chroma Color, Midnight Rose and Celestial Bloom Collections.

He implemented the use of color in which each piece is truly a wearable piece of art that is playful, approachable for the everyday fashionista to the most exquisite imaginative ring for that special occasion.

Playful, sexy, modern, these bands are durable, attainable, personalized and guaranteed for life. P. Manoukian is not only wearable jewelry it's a lifestyle.






Our Wedding Bands


We believe a wedding band should reflect the expression of love and individuality of self as well as the unity of both people. Marriage is sacred and unique. A couples symbol of the love they share should capture this uniqueness. We are very passionate about our craft and have a passion for what we do. Each wedding band is made with the utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship. We can assist you in creating the best wedding band design and color for you.



The Midnight Rose Collection

 2015 Must Have Midnight Rose Collection Wedding Bands 

The Midnight Rose Collection is a selection of unisex wedding bands that accentuate love and deep passion. This luxury wedding band collection brings out the dark black sensual color of midnight, with the passionate Rose Gold color that expresses deep, profound love.

This rich collection was created to express love and passion, in the primal setting of the intimate dark Midnight.

The Midnight Rose Collection is ideal for both mens wedding band or a womens wedding ring, this lush tungsten carbide ring has a highly polished and brushed finish. The simple yet stylish design includes pipe cut edges and shows off the 18k Rose Gold Plated. Available in whole and half sizes 5 to 15.

This line is a by Designer Penyamin Manoukian of Midnight Rose Collection, formerly Gift Flavors