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Our Services

We want to give you the jewelry you most fancy here at Charming Jewelers. Hence, we continue to improve our services to accommodate all of your requests. To answer your inquiries, you can refer to our services below. However, if the list failed to answer your questions, you may contact us on 909 280-0104.

Reliable Free Shipping

Charming Jewelers lets you save extra money by offering free and secure shipping on all US orders. We do a standard and expedited shipping for you to receive your item exactly when you need it. We embody integrity. Expect no hidden charges!

Free Returns

Our team cares about your buying experience. And it doesn’t end there. We also cater to your needs even after purchase. If you wish to return an item, you can do so without questions asked.
However, we can only do item return or exchange within 30 days from when it was shipped. And yes, it is free of charge.

Ring Sizing

Charming Jewelers adhere to the comfort fit sizing system to ensure the satisfaction of customers in different ring sizes. You don’t have to worry about losing your ring because of loose build or complain about the discomfort tight band causes. We recognize differences, and so we provide a printable guide. Hence, you can have your band customized according to your comfort fit ring size.

Secure Payment Gateways

We show a great commitment to our customers, and it remains one of the pillars of our success. We monitor all our processes from selection until financial transactions. We can guarantee you that the payment gateways we acknowledge are a hundred percent safe and secure.

Chroma Colors

Charming Jewelers offers an outstanding collection of chroma rings that target limitless personalization capacities of fashion accessories. You can choose from Royal Bliss, Emerald Zing, Empire Blue, and Dark Night. Select what suits your persona best and grab it for a reasonable price.

Gunmetal Collection

We consistently follow à la mode fashion trends to keep abreast with the modern and dynamic nature of our customer demands. Here at Charming Jewelers, we want you to feel your best. Hence, we offer a vast and exceptional gunmetal ring collection for a price within your reach.

Midnight Rose Collection

Our team exhibits a fresh and new midnight rose collection fitting for occasions as intimate as a wedding. The ring options mostly differ on plating and width, and you can choose from gold-plated rings, tungsten, and more. You can expect it to fit your ring perfectly well for an affordable price.

Product Warranty

Charming Jewelers promises only to serve its customers with superior-quality jewelry. Get in touch with us for assistance regarding any item issue. We recognize how critical quality is for these accessories. You can trust us to deliver only the best.